Winner of the Silver Bulldog Award for Excellence in Media Relations & Publicity,
SHP is a full service PR & Social Media firm that creates bespoke public relations programs strategically designed to maximize exposure for each client. SHP provides media placement, branding, social media, writing services, mailings and personal publicity for all of its clients. SHP's professional staff of communication experts have a stellar reputation for creating and enhancing a brand's image, establishing name recognition and launching new products.

Since the inception of online platforms, SHP has recognized the paramount role social media plays in developing a powerful presence and/or brand. SHP leverages Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to generate successful, tailored, innovative campaigns through creative content and social media management.

With brand expansion and raised visibility comes growth. SHP’s international media efforts have allowed many clients to expand their brands and raise their business profile in Europe. SHP has executed successful international press campaigns, arranged editorial meetings and planned media-driven events throughout Europe for clients looking to grow their brand beyond the US.